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MTU Procedures Manual

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Chapter 21. Public Safety
Section 21.2. Parking


21.2.11. Handicapped Parking


No person other than a person certified by the Michigan Secretary of State, another state, or in the case of temporary handicap by the department of Public Safety as a handicapper, shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle for any length of time either wholly or partially in any parking space designated for handicapped parking or identified as a handicapped parking area, unless the person is parking the vehicle for the benefit of a handicapper.

In order for the vehicle to be parked in the parking space the vehicle shall display one of the following:

  1. A certificate of identification or special registration plate issued by the Michigan Secretary of State, or another state, to the handicapper.

  2. A temporary handicap permit issued by the Public Safety Department to the handicapper.

Individuals without assigned parking on campus needing a temporary handicap permit may be charged a fee depending on the length of the permit.

A doctor's statement is required for a temporary handicap permit.

Adopted: 02/19/2001

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