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21. Public Safety


This chapter contains information dealing with the Public Safety Department of the University. The information applies to all employees, students, and visitors of the University, but is not all inclusive. For reference purposes, this material covers more general policies and procedures; more specialized information will be covered in other publications, such as the MTU Traffic Ordinance. Please consult the director of Public Safety if you need interpretive or more specific information.

General Information

These policies, as written here, are not the complete policies as adopted by the State of Michigan, Board of Trustees, the Administration, or the federal government. Copies of relevant Board of Trustees policies in their entirety are available in the Board of Trustees Policy Manual.

This chapter contains sections of the official vehicle registration and parking policies for the University, as well as a summary of selected portions of the Michigan Technological University Traffic Ordinance. For complete and detailed provisions, consult the complete Traffic Ordinance at the Public Safety Department or refer to the Board of Trustees Policy Manual, Chapter 20. Enacted Regulations or its Web site.

These regulations apply to all University property which includes the entire Houghton campus and various other outlying properties such as the MTU Apartments, Portage Lake Golf Course, Mont Ripley Ski area, Ford Forestry Center, Keweenaw Research Center, and University Career Center.

All Public Safety Officers are sworn Police Officers who are empowered to enforce the local ordinances and state laws.

The Public Safety Department is located on the west end of Wadsworth Hall on Michigan Technological University's campus.

Adopted: 02/19/2001

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