Operating Procedures Manual

Chapter 2. Accounting Services
Section 2.8. Accounts Receivable
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2.8.4. Admission Tickets


Admissions to all events which require a fee must be by ticket only.

The advertising and accountability for all such events shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Each department staging an event which requires an admission fee must have an appropriate account and have a departmental representative to be responsible for the handling of all ticket functions.

All tickets are to be issued through the Central Ticket Office or the Rozsa Center Ticket Office. Ticket offices may act as advance ticket sales outlets when called upon by the sponsoring organization.

A list of all persons receiving complimentary tickets and the requesting department must be compiled and signed by the departmental representative. Each department will be charged for those tickets requested.

All tickets at advance ticket sales outlets should be obtained by noon on the day (Friday for weekend activities) of the activity and be made available for box office sales. All unsold tickets are to be returned to the Central Ticket Office.

All ticket sales must be reconciled and a report compiled within 24 hours of the events. Copies of this report are to be sent to the Internal Auditor and to all appropriate administrative personnel.


Department personnel in charge of tickets do the following:

  1. Ensure that an appropriate account exists or is established (refer to Financial Services and Operations).

  2. Coordinate ticket ordering with the Central Ticket Office.

  3. Distribute tickets to any advance ticket sales outlets.

  4. Compile the complimentary ticket list.

  5. Obtain the receipts and all unsold tickets from all advance ticket sales outlets.

  6. Deposit all receipts with the Cashier's Office.

  7. Establish the Box Office - tickets and change bank (refer to section 2.8.6. Cash Bank).

  8. Complete a Box Office Report available from Accounting Services.

  9. Return all unsold tickets to the Central Ticket Office.

  10. Deposit the Box Office receipts with the Cashier's Office.

  11. Reconcile the ticket sales receipts and compile a ticket sales report.

  12. Send copies of the report to the Internal Auditor and all appropriate administrative personnel.
Adopted: 11/13/2001
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