Operating Procedures Manual

Chapter 2. Accounting Services
Section 2.7. Accounts Payable
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To increase a petty cash fund, do the following:

  1. The department head must send a memo to the coordinator of General/Auxiliary Accounting justifying the increase.

  2. Attach the memo to a completed check request form. Refer to section 2.7.2. Check Request for procedures on completing a check request. The check request is payable to the fund custodian in the amount of the requested increase.

  3. NOTE: Contact Accounts Payable at 7-2371, for the proper index and account code.

Adopted: 11/13/2001
Revised: 03/23/2004 changed account (fund) custodian to financial manager
01/19/2005 The memo is sent to the coordinator of general/auxiliary accounting rather than the controller.
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