Operating Procedures Manual

Chapter 2. Accounting Services
Section 2.7. Accounts Payable
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All international travel must have prior approval of the University president. International expenses include expenditures incurred for travel, meals, business meals, lodging, passport fees, airport taxes, exchange rate fees and fluctuations, and other items necessary for the conduct of University business. The source of the currency exchange rate used to complete the Travel Expense Voucher (such as the date, bank, or Web site used) must be indicated on the voucher. One currency converter can be accessed at <http://www.oanda.com/ converter/classic>.

The president must preapprove, in writing, any travel on University business outside of the United States and Canada. A copy of this authorization must be attached to Request for Advance of Funds and must be sent to Accounting Services - Travel.


To travel to a foreign country, do the following:

  1. Prepare a Foreign Travel Request form, available from Accounting Services by calling 7-2436 or from the Web site <http://www.mtu.edu/fso/forms/travel/>. Include the following information:

    1. Destination

    2. Date of departure

    3. Date of return

    4. Purpose of travel

    5. Source of funds

  2. Obtain appropriate signatures from the department chair/director, dean, provost, and the president.

  3. Receive a copy of the approved authorization from the president.

  4. Attach a copy of the authorization to a Request for Advance of Funds, if used, and send a copy of the approved form to Accounting Services - Travel.
Adopted: 11/13/2001
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