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Chapter 11. Intellectual Properties/Trademarks


11.4. Technology Transfer


Technology Transfer: The research done at Michigan Technological University that contributes to new knowledge and provides a basis for advanced training of students in a wide range of disciplines. The University supports the transfer of some of this technology into economic development. The transfer of technologies for society's use and benefit generates unrestricted income to support research and education.

General Information

In addition to the fundamental educational objectives, research at Michigan Technological University faces the challenge of helping in the economic development of the Copper Country, the Upper Peninsula, and the State of Michigan. The previous reliance of the state and its various regions on a small number of industries and the consequences of that reliance, requires a diversification of the economic base by encouraging the formation of new industries and the enhancement of existing industry.

The purpose of transferring technology into marketable products and processes is twofold. The first and foremost concern, is to create new industry and stimulate existing industry not only locally, but also throughout the State of Michigan and beyond. It is anticipated that such efforts will lead to an improvement in the technological infrastructure of the region which the University calls home.

The University staff and faculty - research, academic, and administrative -are encouraged to develop and pursue any and all ideas that might aid in this endeavor, without jeopardizing the primary mission of the institution. The University will provide its support and resources, within the limits of its policies, the law, and available funding, to assist in the development and eventual transfer to market of the most viable concepts, as evaluated pursuant to established criteria.

The energies of the institution are directed to making technology transfer work in this area. If necessary resources are available, consideration will be given to projects that could be located in the Upper Peninsula, and the rest of the State of Michigan. The purpose is to infuse new technology into this state with resultant economic growth.

A longer term consideration is that such activity may have some potential to provide financial security for higher education, including specifically, Michigan Technological University. An increased tax base and revenues from royalties and licenses, if realized, could cushion the University from the instability of funding that has plagued it for the past several years.

Such assistance in the transfer of technology is available to any employee or student of the University. It is not confined to the academic faculty and research staff. All innovative concepts will receive consideration for participation in this program.


All faculty, staff, and students are required (consistent with the Board of Trustees Patent Policy) to disclose to Corporate Services all inventions, concepts, discoveries, and computer software that are developed from research conducted at the University, or through the use of University facilities or resources.


To have technology transferred, do the following:

  1. Submit an Invention Disclosure form, available from Corporate Services by calling 7-2228, or from the Web site < cs/forms.php>, as early as possible - preferably prior to any public discussion of the technology. Include all possible documentation for legal purposes. Consider a disclosure at the same time as preparing a manuscript for submission to a journal or any other public seminar. This also applies to dissertations.

  2. Wait to be contacted by Corporate Services for an informal, disclosure interview. This is a perfect opportunity for inventors to explain their inventions to Corporate Services staff (what makes it new and its practical use). It is important to make sure all inventors involved with the disclosure are at this meeting.

  3. The inventor(s) should bring a list of possible industry contacts to help formulate a marketing plan for this transfer of technology.

  4. Make sure all materials pertaining to the invention are included in what is submitted. This includes correct spelling, etc. This material will be used in creating the marketing information for prospective companies.

Adopted: 08/20/2001

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