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MTU Operating Procedures Manual

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Chapter 10. Information Technology
Section 10.7. Telecommunication Services


10.7.2. Network Management


To insure the reliability and functionality of the University’s network, all network devices (hubs, routers, switches, wireless network devices, etc.) are purchased and managed by Telecommunication Services. Any exception to this policy must be approved by Telecommunication Services.

All network hosts or network addresses (used for ppp, slip, virtual interfaces, etc.) must be registered with Telecommunications Services. Data needed to register a host includes hostname, IP address, ethernet address, and host location (building, room). Department system administrators are responsible for maintaining this information for their respective departments.

Attempts to contact Telecommunications Services equipment via telnet, SNMP requests, or other network management protocols is prohibited.

Use of network applications which compromise the security, reliability, or integrity of the University’s network is prohibited. Examples include network snooping, port scanning network ports, network denial-of-service programs, advertising network routing information, etc.

Any device that causes or transmits packets that do not meet specifications (such as IEEE 802.3) shall not be connected, or may be removed from, the network.


To request network service or network jack activation, do the following:

  1. Contact the department systems administrator. The systems administrator will complete a Service Request form, available from the Web site <> or send an e-mail request to <>. Provide the systems administrator with the following information:

    1. Requester's name, phone number, and e-mail address

    2. Contact name, phone number, and department (if different than requester)

    3. Valid University index number to be charged for the installation

    4. Valid University index number to be charged for monthly fees

    5. Service recipient

    6. Tech ID (if available)

    7. Location(s): Building name and room number

    8. Jack ID (if available) or location of jack

    9. For buildings with new jacks (Dow), indicate by jack color

      For buildings with old jacks, indicate by location

    10. When someone will be available at location

    11. Where can key be picked up if needed

    12. Cable needed (type and length)

    Requests are scheduled within 6 to 8 working days upon the confirmation date, depending on request.

    NOTE: New system administrators should contact Telecommunication Services and request a network orientation by calling 7-1787.
Adopted: 10/26/2001

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