Operating Procedures Manual

1. Introduction

General Information

The purpose of this manual is to provide all employees of Michigan Technological University with a reference manual containing policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees, deans, department chairs, or directors. In the interest of brevity, an attempt has been made to include only that information which will be used under normal operating circumstances within the University. For special situations, it is recommended that the appropriate department be contacted.

The material in this manual ranges from partial Board of Trustees policies, to Administrative policies and procedures, to policies and procedures necessitated by state or federal laws and regulations. Consequently, for some policies and procedures, it is difficult, if not impossible, to implement modifications or obtain approval for exceptions. On the other hand, many of the policies and procedures, particularly Administrative policies and procedures, are subject to internally initiated change. Additionally, exceptions to Administrative policies and procedures are allowable when the justification is documented and is processed for approval through the normal channels of your organizational unit, including approval from the department responsible for the policy or procedure, to the appropriate vice president with notification to the provost and vice president for academic affairs.

The Michigan Technological University Operating Procedures Manual is available on the World Wide Web at: www.admin.mtu.edu/admin/procman/index.htm. Copies of the printed version are maintained at: the office of the policy and procedures coordinator, Room 314 of the Lakeshore Center; the Provost's Office, Room 503 of the Administration Building; and two (2) copies at the J.R. Van Pelt Library Archives and the Library Reserves(first floor).



The policies and procedures in this manual are issued by the appropriate vice president. These policies and procedures apply uniformly to all departments and employees of Michigan Technological University. Any exceptions will be noted in the manual.

These procedures are designed to be of use to employees of Michigan Technological University. Therefore, all persons are asked to make suggestions for improvement of these procedures to the department that is directly responsibility for rendering the service. Departments should make a concerted effort to see that these policies/procedures reflect the most current practice of their department. It is important that no procedure be changed without incorporating the change in this manual.



As sections and chapters from the Operating Procedures Manual are updated, they will be moved to the University Policies and Procedures Manual. If you can not find the procedure and/or policy you are looking for here, please go to the University Policies and Procedures web site. At this time, the Board of Trustees Policy Manual will be separately maintained and is available from the Board of Trustees office home page or by clicking here.

If you are an University employee who is writing or revising a policy or procedure, please consult policy 2.1001 of this Manual: Establishing and Creating University Policy and Procedures. The policy outlines the policy and procedure formatting and organization, and the process for approval of policies and procedures. There is a link in that policy to the templates you are encouraged to use.

Requests for advice and service for the Operating Procedures Manual and the University Policies and Procedures Manual should be directed to Lori Weir at llweir@mtu.edu, of the office the vice president for administration of Michigan Technological University.

Changes to the the Web version of the Manual will be explained on the What's New page.

Adopted: 06/30/2000
12/21/2001 Changed office of v.p. for Finance and Administration to v.p. for Administration and changed documents resource room 405 of administration building to documents resource room of the Library.
08/22/2003 Changed office of v.p. for administration to chief financial officer
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