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Procedure Number: 2.2014.1
Title: Procurement of Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Consumables
Effective: 08/23/2011
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Chief Information Officer
Responsible Office: Office of Information Technology

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Information technology (IT) resources require on-going investment of professional time and effort, and financial resources in order to perform acceptably. The total expense to acquire and operate IT equipment typically involves much more than the initial purchase price of hardware or software. The collective costs of running a computer system over its lifespan can include network connections, license renewals, software upgrades, and IT support. Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for maintaining the University network, servers, workstations, and peripherals to ensure that quality is maintained at reasonable costs.

A centralized IT procurement procedure benefits Michigan Tech by providing:

• brand and model standardization where appropriate
• a campus-wide inventory of hardware and software to facilitate effective planning, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal
• pricing advantages obtained through volume purchasing and working with preferred vendors
• license compliance for software purchases
• hardware and software with a known "support state" at the time of purchase



When a department decides to purchase IT equipment, software, and/or consumables:

  1. Contact IT User Services at or 906-487-1111 to place the initial request.
  2. User Services will work with the customer to verify and determine the equipment which best meets their needs.
    A) Non-standard equipment purchases must be authorized by the appropriate departmental supervisor.
  3. Once the appropriate equipment has been chosen, the customer will provide User Services with a valid index to charge the purchase.
    A) If the customer is not authorized to approve the request, ITS will contact the appropriate individual(s) for approval.
  4. Upon approval, ITS will work with the Purchasing Department to procure the item(s).
  5. Upon receipt, the item(s) will be configured, delivered, installed, and tested by ITS personnel.

All expenditures will be allocated directly to the department when purchasing via Purchase Order, Blanket Order, or Purchasing Card. For items held as inventory, the department will be billed directly through BANNER.

All IT equipment purchased with University funds remain the property of the University until the disposal and media destruction procedure outlined within the University's Information Security Plan is completed.

Standardized IT Resources

ITS has established a standard set of equipment for the University. The list of standardized equipment will be updated periodically to ensure recommended equipment remains current and beneficial to the University.

The items designated as standard by ITS are:

Non-Standardized Equipment

It is acknowledged that standardized IT resources will not meet the needs of all faculty, staff, and administrators. These situations may require specialized or customized equipment. Reasons might include:

Non-standard equipment should be exceptions, and justification for the need of the equipment must be documented by the department to ITS. ITS will procure the requested non-standard equipment on behalf of the user once approval is received from the appropriate departmental and financial managers. ITS will make every reasonable effort to support non-standardized equipment, but this support may be limited.

Provision for Purchase under Special Circumstances

It is acknowledged that under special circumstances, where purchases must be made by University employees who are away from campus due to travel or field work, and equipment must be replaced due to damage, loss, or theft, that it is not practical to purchase IT related equipment via the regular process. When this happens, University employees are required to report the purchase and special circumstances to IT as soon as is possible by sending an email to, describing the purchased equipment and requesting any set-up assistance if needed.


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Introduction  |  Process  |  Related Information  |  Appendices  |  Forms and Instructions  |  to Policy 2.2014