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University Standing Committees

Sabbatical Leave Committee
Reports to: President
Charge: Review and make recommendations to the president on all applications for sabbatical leave.
Membership: Faculty appointed by the president, with advice of the University Senate.
Name Department Term Expires Ex-Officio Alt
Chair: Mary Carol Friedrich (Senate) Visual & Performing Arts 06/30/2019
James Wood (Senate) Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences 06/30/2018
Seong-Young Lee (Senate) Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics 06/30/2020
Shari Stockero (Senate) Cognitive and Learning Sciences 06/30/2021
Blair Orr (Senate) School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science 06/30/2022
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University Safety Advisory Council
Reports to: Executive Director, Compliance, Integrity, and Safety
Charge: Develop recommendations on a university-wide course of action to improve safety awareness and practice in all aspects of our instructional, research and support activities.
Membership: Faculty and staff representatives.
Name Department Term Expires Ex-Officio Alt
Chair: Christopher Wojick Civil & Environmental Engineering
Andrew Burton School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science
Daniel Crowl Chemical Engineering
Roberta Dessellier President's Office
David Dixon Environmental Health and Safety
Janet Hayden Risk Management and Compliance
Carol McCullah J.R. Van Pelt & Opie Library
Pete Baril Environmental Health and Safety
Larry Hermanson Facilities Management
Robert Page Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics X
Megan Frost Biomedical Engineering
Shiyue Fang Chemistry
Mark Sloat Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jeff Lewin Environmental Health and Safety
Scott Wagner School of Technology

On Call Basis:

UTitle IX Awareness Committee
Reports to: Beth Lunde-Stockero.
Charge: The University Title IX Awareness Committee is an advisory group and task force comprised of campus and community partners designed to guide sexual violence education in compliance with federal and state regulations for our University community.
Membership: campus and community partners
Name Department Term Expires Ex-Officio Alt
Chair: Beth Lunde-Stockero Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Karla Aho Office of Advancement
Brenda Anttila Institutional Equity and Inclusion
Ryan Bennett Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success
Whitney Boroski Wellness Programs
Vienna Chapin International Programs & Services
Debra Charlesworth Graduate School
Joe Cooper Financial Aid
Reid DeVoge Public Safety and Police Services
Rhys Edwards Athletics X
Jason Engler Air Force ROTC
Michael Firmin Army ROTC
Angela Hoffman Admissions
Jennifer Kivela BKG Shelter Home
Susan Liebau Center for Student Success
Karmen Markham Counseling Services
Amy Mensch Human Resources
Mary Niemela BKG Shelter Home
Travis Pierce Housing and Residential Life
Sara Pingel School of Business and Economics
Rochelle Spencer Student Activities
Peggy Sullivan Dial Help
Susan Sullivan Institutional Equity
Garfield Warren Housing and Residential Life
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