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University Standing Committees

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Academic Integrity Committee
Reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement
Charge: Hears cases involving academic misconduct by students and renders decisions on the student's responsibility or innocence with regards to the allegations against him/her.
Membership: Composed of six faculty members serving staggered three year terms, five full-time undergraduate students, five graduate students, and two student affairs professionals. The faculty members will be chosen from the faculty at large by the University Senate. The five undergraduates shall be chosen from the undergraduate student body by the Undergraduate Student Government. The five graduate students shall be chosen from the graduate student body by the Graduate Student Council. The two student affairs professionals will be chosen by the Dean of Student Affairs.
Name Department Term Expires Ex-Officio Alt
Joe Andres Undergraduate Student
Rob Bishop Academic & Community Conduct
Creighton Bradley Undergraduate Student
Deb Charlesworth Graduate School
Radheshyam Tewari (Senate) Mechanical Engrg-Engrg Mechanics 8/31/2020
Chris (Kit) Cischke (Senate) Electrical & Computer Engineering 08/31/2020
Katie Cooper Housing & Residential Services
Rhys Edwards Academic & Community Conduct
Haley Florinki Undergraduate Student
Nathan Ford Undergraduate Student
Bonnie Gorman Dean of Students
Brett Hamlin (Senate) Engineering Fundamentals 2019
Amberlee Haselhuhn Graduate Student
L. Syd Johnson (Senate) Humanities 08/31/2018
Abhilash Kantamneni Graduate Student
Chris Kelly Undergraduate Student
Kevin Kyle Undergraduate Student
Chase Lafave Undergraduate Student
Margaret Landsparger Jackson Center for Teaching & Learning
Cody Malloy Undergraduate Student
Muraleekrishnan Menon Graduate Student
Alex Monzel Undergraduate Student
Alexander Ott Undergraduate Student
Bill Roberts Financial Aid Administration
Jennifer Sams J. R. Van Pelt & Opie Library
Elizabeth Sickles Undergraduate Student
Taylor Siecinski Undergraduate Student
Lee Southerton Undergraduate Student
Joel Tuoriniemi (Senate) School of Business & Economics 2019
Stan Vitton Civil & Environmental Engineering 08/31/2018
Jennifer Winikus Graduate Student
Chester Winfield Undergraduate Student
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Assessment Council
Reports to: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Charge: Oversight and continuous improvement of assessment of student learning.
Membership: Faculty and staff representatives
Name Department Term Expires Ex-Officio Alt
Chair: Jean Kampe Office of the Provost
Leonard Bohmann College of Engineering
Jean DeClerck Office of the Provost
Ramon Fonkoue Humanities
John Irwin School of Technology
Susan Liebau Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success
Ellen Marks J.R. Van Pelt & Opie Library
Michael Meyer Center for Teaching and Learning
Howard Qi School of Business & Economics
Jenn Sams J.R. Van Pelt & Opie Library
Andrew Storer School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science
Ronald Strickland College of Sciences & Arts
Carlos Amador Senate Representative
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Athletic Council
Reports to: President
Charge: Recommend policy in all areas of intercollegiate athletics.
Membership: Representatives from faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
Name Department Term Expires Ex-Officio Alt
Chair: William Sproule (Senate) Civil & Environmental Engineering
Larry Sutter (Senate) Materials Science and Engineering 2019
John Gierke (Senate) Geological & Mining Engineering 08/31/2015
Kate Hagenbuch Athletics Department X
Reginald Hicks Undergraduate Student Government
Stan Vitton (Senate) Civil & Environmental Engineering 08/31/2020
Alane Isaacson Athletics Department X
Joel Isaacson Athletics Department X
Theresa Jacques (Staff Representative) Registrar
Susan Laajala Financial Services & Operations X
Michael Mullins (Senate) Chemical Engineering 08/31/2016
Brent Peterson Alumnus 08/31/2015
Suzanne Sanregret Athletics Department X
Hannah Schnack Athletics Department X
Analysts Council
Reports to:
Name Department Term Expires Ex-Officio Alt
Chair: Richard Elenich Director, Institutional Analysis
Nick Stevens Budget & Planning
Adam Griffis Geological & Mining Engineering
Mo Anton Financial Services & Operations
Shellie Crisman Graduate Schoolt
Jake Manchester Sponsored Programs Office
Karen Giddings Student and Advancement Information Systems
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