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Chapter 9.
Scholarships and Student Financial Aid

Effective Date: 09/01/2010

9.14 Diversity Incentive Awards

Value: Variable ($1,000.00 minimum to maximum of full tuition plus fees).

Number Available: Variable.

Recipients must be U.S. citizens and members of the under-represented groups as defined by the Michigan Technological University Scholarship Committee. No group or person shall be discriminated against, or granted any preference, based upon any criteria prohibited by the Constitution or Laws of the United States or the State of Michigan.

Awarded for up to a four-year period (8 semesters) for those students working on a bachelor's degree, and for a two-year period (4 semesters) for those students working on an associate degree.

Renewable for second, third and fourth year students who have maintained an acceptable cumulative grade point average (2.5 for those students with full awards; 2.0 for those students with lesser awards) as of the end of the spring semester, acceptable social behavior, and continuous full-time undergraduate enrollment.

Scholarship Committee considers requests for extensions. Extensions may be awarded to students who demonstrate extenuating circumstances and/or significant academic progress.

Scholarship Committee considers requests for reinstatement of scholarship from students returning after a withdrawal, depending on the circumstances of the withdrawal, provided the student had an acceptable grade point average upon leaving.

07/15/2010 Was previously Policy Renumbered and added prohibition of discrimination. Also see history at end of 9.24.
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