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Chapter 12.
General Operations

Effective Date: 08/06/2015

12.7 Weapons Registration

Students and employees of Michigan Technological University and visitors to the University are required to register all firearms (rifles, pistols, shotguns, including air or compressed gas guns), archery or hunting bows, any weapon where license is required by law, or any dangerous weapon, with the Director of Public Safety and Police Services prior to bringing any such item onto University property or any property over which the University may have jurisdiction. Proof of such registration must be carried on the person of such student or employee or visitor while in possession of such an item on University property.

The possession or use of a loaded firearm, gun or archery or hunting bow on University property is prohibited except at the rifle range and designated archery or gun usage ranges and then only if such equipment is properly registered with the University. The possession of any explosive, excepting commonly accepted recreational sporting ammunition stored in designated weapons storage areas, in use at the rifle range, or in direct and rapid transit to or from these areas, is prohibited on University property except under the direction of a University employee as part of an authorized University course.

Except for the purpose of promptly transporting a properly registered firearm and/or its ammunition, bow, or other dangerous weapon directly to or from designated weapons storage areas, or the use of such items as part of an authorized University course activity, the possession of such an item in any University building is prohibited. Furthermore, the storage of any such item on University property in other than a designated weapons storage area is prohibited. Designated weapons storage areas are limited to the weapons storage rooms in the rifle range, the archery range, ROTC weapons storage facilities, along with such other areas as may be subsequently designated as weapons storage areas by the Director of Public Safety and Police Services. The possession or storage of any firearm, bow, other dangerous weapon, ammunition, or explosive is expressly prohibited in the Residence Halls and Michigan Tech Apartments.

Excepted from this policy are 22 caliber powder activated nail guns owned by the University when in the possession of or property stored by the University employee accountable for such tool or owned by any independent contractor of the University when in the possession of or properly stored by the Contractor in pursuance of the contractors work activity.

Sworn law enforcement officers actively employed by a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency that either permits or requires the officer to carry firearms (concealed or otherwise) while on and/or off duty are exempted from the Policy if they are carrying in compliance with their employer’s policy.

Any violation of this Policy may render the violator liable to disciplinary action, or expulsion, citation or arrest.

This Policy constitutes a Rule or Regulation pursuant to and enforceable (including the statutory maximum penalties) pursuant to Michigan Constitution 1963, Article 8, Section 6; MCL 19.141 et seq MCL 390.363 et seq or and MCL 752.581 et seq as applicable.

08/02/2007 The weapons storage area has been moved from the residence halls to Public Safety
07/15/2010 Was previously Policy 15.8. Renumbered, changed "designated representative of the University" to "Director of Public Safety", added "This Policy constitutes a Rule... ."
08/06/2015 Revised definition of firearms to include air or compressed gas guns, clarified use of nail guns, and revised applicable sections of statutory law.
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