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Chapter 12.
General Operations

Effective Date: 08/06/2015

12.2 Building and Property Rules and Regulations

  1. Smoking and all tobacco use is prohibited except where approval is granted by the Vice President for Administration.
  2. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, unless specifically approved in writing by the President, in accordance with the policy of the Board of Trustees on alcoholic beverages.
  3. Solicitation, advertising, or sales on property owned or controlled by Michigan Technological University is prohibited unless authorized by the Vice President for Administration. The exceptions to this are:
  1. Advertising is permitted only on designated bulletin boards, as permitted by, or in other locations, as authorized by the manager of the building in which the advertising occurs.
  2. Student organizations registered with the Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement may sell tickets or conduct limited sales of goods, advertise, solicit, and use grounds as authorized by the manager of the building or grounds in or on which the activity occurs.
  1. Activities or announcements at Michigan Technological University events shall have the prior written approval of the Vice President for Administration or a delegated representative, with the following exceptions:
  1. Announcements regarding the operation of a facility may be authorized by the manager of the building or grounds on which the announcements are made.
  2. Announcements regarding traffic, health, or safety may be authorized by the Department of Public Safety and Police Services.
  3. Announcements relating to the game or event in progress may be made over the public address system by the game announcer providing such announcements are appropriate to the situation and in good taste.
  1. Distribution of handbills or other printed material is permitted only in designated areas.
  2. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated and may be cause for expulsion from the facility.
  3. For reasons of health and sanitation, cats, dogs, birds, or other pets or animals are prohibited except as authorized by the Vice President for Administration. The exceptions to this are:
  1. Animals owned or maintained by Michigan Technological University for educational or research purposes after receiving the approval of such facilities by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  2. Animals and aquariums may be kept in University housing facilities after receiving the approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement.
  3. Guide, leader, hearing or service animals trained to perform the work or task required by the user's disability when used by a qualified individual with a disability in compliance with State or Federal Law.
  1. Bicycles shall not be brought into University buildings or ridden, stored, or parked in corridors, stairwells, laboratories, offices, classrooms, or buildings other than in those designated areas in student housing facilities.
  2. This policy shall be administered in accordance with rules and procedures established by the Vice President for Administration.

This Policy constitutes a Rule or Regulation pursuant to and enforceable (including the statutory maximum penalties) pursuant to Michigan Constitution 1963, Article 8, Section 6; MCL 19.141 et seq. MCL 390.363 et seq or MCL 752.581 et seq as applicable.

11/21/86 Smoking prohibited
09/18/92 Changed responsibility
08/03/00 Changed Executive Vice President and Provost title to Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
07/15/2010 Was previously Policy 15.6. Renumbered, changed responsibility to the Vice President for Administration except for item 8a and to correlate with the Ordinance language, added "This Policy constitutes a Rule. ..."
09/19/2013 Prohibited smoking and all tobacco use, updated procedures for advertising, and changed responsibility.
Adopted: 08/07/2014 Revised language in item #7c.
08/06/2015 Revised applicable sections of statutory law.
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