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2014-2015 Tuition

Fall and Spring Semesters
Undergraduate (per semester)
   Resident per Credit Rate (< 12 credits ) $520
   Resident Plateau Rate (12 to 18 credits) $6,870
   Resident (> 18 credits)                   $6,870 (Plateau Rate) +
$520 per credit over 18
   Non-Resident per Credit Rate (< 12 credits ) $1,082
   Non-Resident Plateau Rate (12 to 18 credits) $14,610
   Non-Resident (> 18 credits)        $14,610 (Plateau Rate) +
$1,082 per credit over 18
Graduate (per semester)
    Resident and Non-Resident per Credit Rate $820.50
   Resident and Non-Resident per Credit Rate for Applied Science
   Education, on-campus Peace Corps Students, OSM/VISTA, and National
   Graduate Fellowship students
   Resident and Non-Resident per Credit Rate for Graduate
   Students who are in the Research Only Mode*
*Students in research only mode are assessed tuition at $273.50 per credit hour for nine research credits. If enrolled in additional courses (graduate program permission required), the courses are assesed tuition at the full, regular rate.

Summer Semester
   Resident per Credit Rate $467
   Non-Resident per Credit Rate $973
Graduate - same as Fall and Spring Semesters (see above)

Differential Tuition
Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3*
Per semester - taking less than 6 credits
$75 / $150 / $450
Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3*
Per semester - taking 6 credits or more
$150 / $300 / $900
*Assessed to students that have reached Junior or above status (60 or more earned credits) and is based on major (see below)
Engineering/Computer Science - per semester-taking less than 5 credits** $450

Engineering/Computer Science - per semester-taking 5 credits or more**


**The Engineering/Computer Science tuition differential applies to all Graduate students in the College of Engineering and in Computer Science in the College of Science and Arts.
International Surcharge
International Undergraduate and Graduate students per semester (excluding Summer Semester) $200

On-line MBA Program

Contact School of Business & Economics for Tech MBA Online Information


Student voted fees not noted here


Accounting Finance Mathematics
Anthropology General Sciences and Arts Operations and Systems Management
Audio Production and Technology History Psychology
Business Administration Humanities Scientific and Technical Communications
Communication, Cullture and Media Liberal Arts Social Sciences
Economics Management Sound Design
Engineering Management Management Information Systems Theater and Electronic Media Performance
English Marketing Theater and Entertainment Technology


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ecology and Environmental Science, Applied Mechanical Engineering Technology
Bioinformatics Electrical Engineering Technology Medical Laboratory Science
Biological Sciences Exercies Science Physics
Cheminformatics Forestry Physics, Applied
Chemistry Geology Sports and Fitness Management
Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Geophysics, Applied Wildlife Ecology and Management
Construction Management    


Biomedical Engineering Computer Science General Engineering
Chemical Engineering Computer Systems Science Geological Engineering
Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering
Computer Engineering Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Computer Network and System Administration Environmental Engineering Software Engineering
Surveying Engineering


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