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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I pay my bill?
A. See "Bill Payment and Due Dates" for payment information.

Q. What is charged to my tuition account?
A. Tuition, course fees, student voted fees, on campus housing charges, other miscellaneous fines and fees such as late fees, housing damage fines, etc.   Click here for more information.

Q. When is my bill available?
A. Go to:  Bill Payment and Due Dates

Q. When is my payment due?
A. Go to:  Bill Payment and Due Dates

Q. Can I get a bill mailed to my parents, guardian, and/or spouse?
A1. No, but you can send it to them via e-mail or print the on line bill and send it to them.
A2. No, but you can set up guest access for them and they can access your on-line bill.

Q. What if financial aid is missing from my bill?
A. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 906-487-2622 or finaid@mtu.edu.

Q. What if my graduate student support is missing from my bill?
A. Contact your department.

Q. What payment plans are available?
A. Click here for information about our payment plans.

Q. What if I do not owe any money?
A. You must confirm your enrollment on line by clicking on the link at the bottom of your bill.

Q. What happens if I incur additional charges?
A. A second notice will be sent via e-mail or you can access your bill on-line and pay anytime.

Q. When will I get my refund?
A. If you have a credit balance as a result of a Federal Direct Loan, a refund will be produced the first week of the semester or the day after disbursement. All other refunds will be issued during the third week.

Q. May I charge my books to my tuition account?
A. Yes, up to $1,000 per semester.

Q. What if I have a question that is not listed here?
A. You can send an e-mail to student-billing@mtu.edu.

Campus Bookstore Charging

Q. What do I need to do to charge my books?
A. You must first confirm your enrollment. Bring your books and/or supplies and your MTU ID card to any cash register at the Campus Bookstore. The Bookstore staff will verify your eligibility and allow you to charge up to $1,000 in books and supplies per semester.

Q. When may I start charging my books and supplies?
A. You may start charging approximately one month before classes start.

Q. How long may I charge my books and supplies at the Campus Bookstore?
A. You may charge up to the start of Track B courses.

Q. How do I maintain eligibility to charge books?
A. You cannot have any current Accounting holds on your account and must maintain a good repayment history on your student account.

Q. When will I have to pay for my book charges?
A1.  If you are contracted to use a semester payment plan, bookstore charges will be included in the balance due and are payable according to the payment plan.

A2.  If you are not on a payment plan, books charged up to Tuesday of the 3rd week of classes will be due at the second billing. Any books charged after Tuesday of the 3rd week will be due before you register for future semesters.

Q. Where can I look up book store charges that are applied to my account?
A.  The Campus Bookstore has a web site showing receipt information for Campus Bookstore charges placed on your tuition bill. The site requires you to log in with your userid and ISO password. The site is http://www.aux.mtu.edu/BookStore_Tuition.

Q. Will I be charged late fees?
A. Yes, a $25 late fee will be assessed monthly on all delinquent student accounts.


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