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Each annual financial report listed below is available for on-line viewing or printing. Both the financial report and the independent auditors' management letter recommendations are included below. To view or print the reports, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have questions regarding the financial reports, please contact the Controller's Office at (906) 487-2436.

State of Michigan universities were early adopters of GASB34/35. They implemented this significant reporting format change in FY2001. The audited financial statements prepared under the GASB34/35 are significantly different than the financial statements reported under the previous AICPA Audit Guide format. The pre-GASB34/35 financial statements are the fiscal years prior to 2001. View the GASB34/35 Overview Presentation.

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Michigan Technological University Audited Financial StatementsRequires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Michigan Tech Fund Audited Financial Statements

Other Michigan Universities financial reports available on the web:

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