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 Instructions: Access Online - Purchasing Card Statements and Reallocations   MTU Only
 Instructions: Access Online - Reports   MTU Only Link to Access Online
 Lockout Codes  
 Power Point - Pcard Kaizen Report Out - August 21, 2012  
 Prohibited Items  
 Purchasing Card Application/Agreement  
 Purchasing Card Guide to Benefits  
 Purchasing Card Log Form  
 Purchasing Card Reallocation Access Request  
 Purchasing Card Reallocation Deadlines  
 Purchasing Card Reallocation Expense Codes   
 Purchasing Card Statement/Receipt Upload Instructions
 Purchasing Card Statement/Receipt Upload Website*  ISO_Required
  *For Michigan Tech department personnel. If you already have ImageNow access for viewing Accounting Services documents (invoices, purchase orders, etc), access can be requested via email. If you do not have ImageNow Accounting Services access, access can be requested via the ImageNow access request form.
 Purchasing Card Statements - Opting out of Paper Statements   
 Travel on Purchasing Card  

 The symbol indicates that it is necessary to log in with your user id and ISO password. The MTU_Only symbol indicates the information is only accessible from on-campus. To access the information from off-campus, you must log into vpn.mtu.edu and choose "Get an MTU address".

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