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Independent Contractor Procedures


Independent Contractor QuestionnairePDF: University Approval Form – to be completed first.

Independent Contractor Agreement : Contract between the University and a non-Michigan Tech employee which details the service.  


Whenever a service is to be performed by an individual, do the following:  

  1. Complete the Independent Contractor Questionnaire available on the HR Employment website and submit to the Human Resources Office.
  2. Once the University has approved the Independent Contractor status, complete the Independent Contractor Agreement pdf
  3. Forward two copies of the agreement to the independent contractor (individual) for signature and completion.
  4. Receive both copies of the completed agreement back from the independent contractor.  
  5. Attach both copies to a completed and signed Purchase Requisition form and forward to the Purchasing Department.  

Purchasing will:  

  1. Verify approval, which is required for all services, except for services performed by recognized establishments.  
  2. Sign for the University.  
  3. File one original agreement for future reference.  
  4. Send one original agreement to the vendor with the purchase order.   

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